It’s The World Beer Cup Year. The “Olympics” of Beer!

What does it take to win the "World Beer Cup?"

8 Beer Categories of the 2017 World Beer Championship

YIDDY (Yes.I.Drink.Don't.You)

It is that time again. Hooray! Every year brings a chance for a new relationship with beer. It’s like a torrid love affair that never goes out of style.  As a woman who loves beer I want to take some time to explain a few thing about the World Beer Championships, the beer involved in January [their flavor/potential pairings so forth] and give you a bit of background information on how the Championship itself is ran by Having all of this information will, I believe make you one of the smarter women in the room [sorry fellas] or at best give you something to talk about on a bad Tinder date to get you through the meal.

  January’s 8 Great

1.      The Pilsner: Origin the Pilsner started in the Czech Republic. A good place to hunt these down in St. Louis would be at The Civil Life Brewing…

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8 Beer Categories of the 2017 World Beer Championship

8 Beer Categories of the 2017 World Beer Championship. Helping make STL women SMARTER about beer [sorry fellas] one page at a time.

It’s Not Just Millennials Doing it, the Craft Beer (Beard) “Thing” is REAL.

Craft Beer Drinking-- BEARDER

The three or four bearded gentlemen (well two of them may hold this title actually) at the bar being beer aficionados? If not you're lucky my friend OR you don't drink much beer! Now I'm not condemning these fabulous feats of fur. As I am sure that they take time, patience, and much love to grow.

Is Your Fav BEER Loaded with GMO’s Like My Waist?

GMO'S and Waistlines...

Do These Guys Think They Control the Worlds Beer…?

Have we really relinquished so much of the market that numbers (co's) 1-5 believe that the small to medium or even large scale (co's) for that matter, don't matter?  I can tell you now my dream job is like the Superwoman of the Craftbeer industry but with a twist- Insurance agent- 4 months a year…

Kona Brewing Ditching the Carbon Footprint 

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the waste that goes into making a great beer? You may not think about all of the by-product that necessarily goes into the manufacturing if you will but there really is quite a bit I have come to learn. Even what goes out to "the pigs" in…


SABMiller management sent the order to employees, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private. Representatives for AB InBev and SABMiller declined to comment.The revelation came a day after AB InBev nudged its cash bid for the British brewer up to £79-billion ($103.6-billion) to account for the pound’s plunge in…

GRRRR….😠 (The Case Against Frosted Glassware |

So I have found the cheat sheet that explains how cold not only my glass should be but what the establishment should be serving my draught at as well. How fabulous is this find!!! Check this out Ladies and Gentlemen 🍻🍺🍻 A big thank you to for all their research. What would we do…

Growler Chill Does it Right I've never seen anything quite like this before. Keeping my beer cold AND making it fresher LONGER... Company is in pre-launch mode and I know this feeling. Excitement is building, tensions are high and great news for YOU--- they're taking pre-orders! Visit their website and take advantage of their ENTHUSIASM😉  No fuss, no mess…