Tim Schoen, Craft Beer & Seizing the Market

Brew Hub Helps Craft Beer Makers Expand to New Cities – Businessweek.

According to the BA (Brewers Association) craft beer in the United States holds only 8% of the market. I, myself find that a little hard to believe but who am I to say that these numbers are wrong. However, if their predictions are correct and Lord let’s hope that they are, then Craft Beer will seize it’s rightful place by 2020 with a margin of +/- 20% of annual beer sales in the US. Now THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!

 Brew Hub takes a different approach, creating long-term arrangements Chief Executive Officer Tim Schoen calls “transparent partner brewing.” Which by all account in my personal opinion Tim, is marketing genius at its core. We should have been partners when I had my lemonade stand 30 years ago. 


“Modeled on the American Revolutionary War-era Minutemen, Support Your Local Brewery (SYLB) Beer Activists respond at a minute’s notice to email Action Alerts whenever a state or federal government affairs involvement opportunity arises. Since its inception, SYLB Beer Activists have answered the call on a variety of issues ranging from tax increase threats and small brewer access to market challenges, to a host of issues aimed at protecting and enhancing the availability of small brewery beer in the marketplace.” 

A piece of advice from me to you–here is the link for you, as a fellow craft beer enthusiast, lover, partaker—whatever you see fit to call it–sign up to support your breweries. They one day may depend on you and your vote on Legislation!

If any one piece of this you found helpful, interesting or insightful please take a second and share. The success of my startup, along with the 23.5 hours a day I work at it may depend on it lol! Thanks!

Carpe Diem–Heidy

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