Craft Beer Drinking-- BEARDER

It’s Not Just Millennials Doing it, the Craft Beer (Beard) “Thing” is REAL.

Suited Bearded Guy

Shimmy Up to the Bar

Have you ever came into a bar, restaurant with a nice selection of beer(s) on tap or a brewery and been inundated with that group? You know the one. The three or four bearded gentlemen (well two of them may hold this title actually) at the bar being beer aficionados? If not you’re lucky my friend OR you don’t drink much beer! Now I’m not condemning these fabulous feats of fur. As I am sure that they take time, patience, and much love to grow. I will say that as a woman, displacing all that furry manliness in a confined place (i.e. a bar) then on top of that trying to be the all-in-one go to beer guru gives a whole new meaning to the term snubbery. Which might be why I found so many articles on the snobbery of “Millennials, Craft Beer & Beards” but I’ll be the first to argue that it’s not just wanna be Hipsters/Millennials that have this love (or fascination) it’s a subculture spread across many ages. Unfortunately, for me (and many woman like me) that can leave us meandering up to the bar and dealing with an episode of Ax Men for years to come whether we like it or not which leads me to my next point.

  Hipster Beards Turning Women on Still Happens When you’re a Gentleman

So if I am correct then is it in that order? What would make them a Hipster? What defines a hipster? One of my favorite journals, Elephant Journal said that being a Hipster meant “being an artist, entrepreneur, they can’t be classified, damn it: they’re oddballs.” I love reading most anything Waylon writes. This is what a Hipster is so one thing I had to take into consideration when trying to figure all this out was how often I saw all of these guys checking their SM. Were these the Instagram guys? Were they the ones checking into UnTapped to brag on that new Imperial Stout? If so then maybe these beards might be for a sort of vanity-bragging rights feature? “Look here bro I’m having the newest brew” #Hashtag #Yousuck #MyBeardsBetter kind of thing? Studies have shown that millennials have more social media accounts as well as expressing themselves with growing beards. One thing to note about a well maintained beard, is that it makes a long wait in that line getting to the bartender at your favorite brewery interesting if *as stated earlier* said Ax  Men are actually gentlemen…

  Not your Average Brew-ber


I knew these places existed and I really think that where I live [south of STL] someone should open one or maybe they should franchise. Nonetheless, Rock’s Bar and Hair Shop in Durham NC caters to the precise people I am talking about! The four guys at the bar… they probably came from here before I met them at the brewery. More than likely they had a hot trim while they chose from 1 of the 80 Craft Beers. WTH?!! If this doesn’t go to solidify my point, moreover concrete it in… then you may be oblivious to the beard-Craft-Beer-anomaly. This place is fantastic. You know, I am a sucker for anywhere that will give a man a clean shave [HUGE FAN OF THAT!] & has great beer 😉 Congrats you’ve won me over and I have no facial hair!

  Beards are Staying & the Beer is Only Getting BETTER♥ 


If Chris Pine , your tried and true definition of a “Millennial”, can sport this hot ass beard [keep in mind I’m not a super fan unless they’re super trimmed–I have massive standards o_o] at the Golden Globes just a last week and could have everyone in awe drooling. Then I will have to go with the fact that they, the BEARDS, will NOT be going anywhere as earlier mentioned.

Dare I say my prediction, that as we have let one genre of men bring such subtleties as selfies at the bar with the #Bearded usher in a new era of normal, I think together as a collective whole that the Craft beer industry will be better off. These men seem to bring something individualistic to the table. That IS what the “Craft” part of Craft beer is about. Standing out from the crowd is why the beard is grown. Standing out from the crowd in the “Craft beer industry” is why James Ottolini let me try all of his different beer barrels the night he was leaving for Florida at his going away party at Schlafly Brewery then let me annoy him with all of MY tons of crazy questions about beer. To be UNIQUE; because that’s what brewers do. Beard or no beard.

20150116_191331  January 16, 2015


Did I ever think I’d be typing that? No not really LOL but after checking it out they have some clout now. It takes a troubadour to get a rating like this from  Way to go! Someone better get back to me on all I’m reading about this “actual beard juice” stuff? eh… I love beer,  cycling/exercise and more importantly giving back to the community. Some amazing stuff you’re doing. Hats off. If this is the type of #Bearded at the bar I can handle this ♥ 

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Craft beer industry has been changed in any way by beards? Or Vice Versa? Would love to hear from you.

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