8 Beer Categories of the 2017 World Beer Championship

It is that time again. Hooray! Every year brings a chance for a new relationship with beer. It’s like a torrid love affair that never goes out of style.  As a woman who loves beer I want to take some time to explain a few thing about the World Beer Championships, the beer involved in January [their flavor/potential pairings so forth] and give you a bit of background information on how the Championship itself is ran by Tasting.com. Having all of this information will, I believe make you one of the smarter women in the room [sorry fellas] or at best give you something to talk about on a bad Tinder date to get you through the meal.

  January’s 8 Great

1.      The Pilsner: Origin the Pilsner started in the Czech Republic. A good place to hunt these down in St. Louis would be at The Civil Life Brewing Company, Square one Brewery and Distillery, Schlafly Brewery [without a doubt a personal favorite so far but it is the only one that the Brew master has personally given me the tour as well] & Morgan Street Brewery all make the top Pilsners in the St. Louis.

2.      Pale Lager: Ferguson Brewing Company [tried & recommend the food as well for a date ladies], Morgan Street Brewery, The Bridge Tap House [named the “most romantic beer place in town”]. After doing further research we have many top named Pale Lagers in St. Louis. However, one that I hope to get in the near future is Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers from Framingham, Massachusetts & their showcase Pale Lager “Hoponius Union.” I feel the great women LOL [I mean people] of St. Louis deserve what one even stated… “If I were stranded on a desert island this is the only beer I’d take.” Dang go girl!

3.      Amber Lager: Amber Lagers are not as light as your Pale Lager and can vary on the bitterness. Typically carrying a toasty or caramel-like malt facet. [Hint ladies order this if planning on a grilled plate w/ veg OR just cheese]. Morgan Street Brewery or the The Bridge Tap House.

4.      Munich-Helles: Helles is the German word for “Pale” although it is dark in color, strange those Germans, it has a bit of hops and a touch of sweetness. You’d be best suited to find this beer at Square One Brewery and Distillery or the  The Bridge Tap House.

5.      Dortmunder: A golden lager, light & crisp, this beer can be found at The Flying Saucer St. Louis and is brewed by Two Brothers Brewing Company in Warrenville, IL.

6.      Maibock: With March 20th being National “Bock Beer Day” we should be sure and celebrate this magnificent beer. Maibock <pronounced …> was brewed in the winter and was to be released around May. “Bocks” are traditionally brewed and stored over the winter months while it is cold and released when it starts to get a bit warmer. We, unlike our German counterparts go a little on the light side when it comes to our bocks and so is stands to reason, why we still have such a high crime rate [humor me]. Maibocks are typically a golden color. Often you can taste a spicy finish from the type of hops used to make the Maibock or even a hint of honey and caramel. Urban Chestnut, in the heart of St. Louis has hosted a Maifest for multiple years now. Bringing in the new seasonal Bocks like they should be, with glee 😉

7.      Kellerbier: Brewed Munich-Style, this is an unfiltered Helles. If you like a malt taste this would be a good one. It is smooth with a hoppy finish. You can find this in St. Louis at Square One Brewery.

8.      Zwickelbier: An unfiltered, unpasteurized beer this lager pronounced ‘zv-ick-el’ is packed full of VITAMINS ladies! Yes, you heard me right. If you are looking for an energy boost along with your happy hour you may want to check this baby out. This gem can be found in St. Louis at Urban Chestnut Brewing  Company and is undoubtedly one of their most popular brews.


The Championships


Who doesn’t want to be the best? We all wanted the crown, the ribbons, and the buttons for being “THE BEST” at whatever we were trying to do. This is precisely what these brewers work day in and day out to master. The art of the perfect brew. Tastings.com is a review and marketing service that uses a 100 point quality rating scale developed by the Beverage Testing Institute. Founded in 1994 and open to all commercially produced beers, regardless of US distribution, it is the oldest Intl’ beer competition in the world. How’s that for taking home a medal to mom?

                                Ground rules:

·         No more than 35 beers a day by the judges on premises, all certified by BTI.

·         Beers are all consistent not varying much in recipe unlike different vintages of wine

·         Often multiple panel testing takes place if beer places in different bands of quality

You might be thinking; what does all this mean to me, I’m not a brew master? Oh darling I am most certainly not either. What it means to people like you and I is that Tastings.com holds these championships annually in order to benefit consumers LIKE you and I. To make us aware of all of the facets of great beer Hooray :0 Each month Tastings.com gets a new batch from brewers to judge. How exciting to see everyone’s results this year. Click HERE to see the types of beers, submission deadlines, fees & more. Good luck in finding a great beer in 2017. Follow me on Twitter @yiddyme and be sure to send me information about your beer. If you brew it or help brew it I’d love to hear about your newest revelation! Cheers, Heidy

            From the Desk of the Brew Master



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