It’s The World Beer Cup Year. The “Olympics” of Beer!

“Traditional beer styles are not only celebrated in their native lands, but are now being shared, brewed and enjoyed worldwide. Consumers are discovering and enjoying a wider variety of both traditional and new beer styles, some brewed close to home and others brewed on the other side of the world. The number of new styles and style interpretations appears to be limited only by the creativity of the world’s brewing community.” –worldbeercup.org 

 Since before I even graduated High School, albeit I was having my fair share of beer at the time [please don’t tell my grandma], this grandiose beer competition was taking place for the first time in 1996. 146 Breweries competed that year some of which I was partaking, as an idiot teenager on some back road with my buddies, like most of us did—admit it. Budweiser, once Anheuser-Busch Inc. (now Ab Inbev) received Bronze that year for their American-Style Premium Lager in its famous red and white can surprise surprise. Who knew? Wait Spuds Mackenzie.. he knew right! Another winner from back in the day was New Belgium Brewery, CO. They were making it good even back in 96’. They had a couple different categories they won; Silver for their Abbey Belgian Style Ale as well as Silver for their Fat Tire Amber Ale. Way to go guys! I am a fan no doubt. That takes us all the way to 2016 and Boulevard Brewing Co, from my home state Missouri [Go KC] winning GOLD for their Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale “The Sixth Glass.” I reached out to the brewery to find out the story behind the name “The Sixth Glass” [I mean I wanted to know about #1-5 and what kind of CONVERSATION WAS TAKING PLACE because I’ve been there…] however I was never contacted back.


Standards for Awards in the Beer Competitions

Gold: A world class beer that accurately exemplifies the specified style, displaying the proper balance of taste, aroma and appearance.

Silver: An excellent beer that may vary slightly from style parameters while maintaining close adherence to the style and displaying excellent taste, aroma, and appearance.

Bronze: A fine example of the style that may vary slightly from style parameters and/or have minor defects in taste, aroma, or appearance.

 Craft beer cup blog.jpg

 Photos © Brewers Association

This competition is the most prestigious competition on the world for brewing beer. If you get to brew, participate, are selected to attend the event (i.e. are able to purchase tickets for ½ of the events floor because that’s usually all you can get access to from what I gather at most of the events) or lastly if you are just an average Joe (Miss Joe in my case) that loves to partake in the finished product of a Gold winner such as in the case of Boulevards Belgian Ale. You’ll find that this “Olympics of Beer” is a #ibuninja, IAU, and IFU aficionado’s wildest dream. A literal orgasm of Craft Beer. Who doesn’t need that at least every two years?

You would do well to invest time and money in your local breweries. Not only do they put money back into YOUR local economy (DUH), they put their heart into what they do..providing you with top notch product. Beverages that win awards like Bronze, Silver & Gold! 




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