Taxing Your Alcohol. From 1986 to Passing Senate Bill 236 and What YOU Can Do About It.


Up for Debate First HB 747

In the original CBMTRA or Craft Beverage Modernization & Tax Reform Act that initially started in the House of Representatives with HB- 747

The Bill was a 3 fold bill but for me of course, I love beer the mostest, so I choose to focus on what it can do for me [no need in telling me how self-absorbed that sounds] and my tribe. I will however touch on the other 2 thing because as a whole I believe that there is a correlation to the second especially when it comes to WOMEN in the Craft Beer segment as noted here “Cross-Drinking” Women which we will cover another time. For now let’s stick to CBMTRA.
Initially presented JANUARY 30, 2017 to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Tax Reform. (I know TAXES BLAH)

In the Craft Beer Industry it Would..

  • Reduced rate of excise tax on beer. Think grand scale. Less taxes to brewers, less taxes get passed on to you–buyer [drinker].  smilingwaitressgroupbeer
  • Use of wholesome products suitable for human food consumption [do I need to point out the obvious in this statement] in
    the production of fermented beverages. I am no brain surgeon here BUT going out on a limb, why wouldn’t you want this in writing backing your ass up?
  • Simplification of rules regarding records, statements, and returns. Alright let’s cut to the chase. This is a <IRS REVISION OF STATUTE> do I need to say more?
  • Transfer of beer between bonded facilities. Have you ever talked to a brewer? If  not you should at least once. They will tell you that they love to collaborate with other guys just like them. How cool is it going to be when they can do this [legally hahaha my bad]. This takes all of the worry off the table and these guys can just be who THEY ARE; these crazy, talented and super cool group of story filled dudes that have found a passion that TASTES GOOD that they can share with the WORLD! How freaking awesome is that?
    In the Wine Industry it Would..
  •  Transfer of wine between bonded facilities. Same principal here as with the brewers. Wine makers are in a class all their own.
  • Adjustment of alcohol content level for application of excise tax rates. This would be huge
  • Definition of mead and low alcohol by volume wine. I’ll be honest I really didn’t  research this much if anyone would like to weigh in on it I’d like to learn?

In the Distillery Business it Would..   

  • Reduced rate of excise tax on certain distilled spirits. The taxes on these are BIG MONEY!! This will have a significant impact especially on companies that are NOT foreign that can all be combined under one tax ID. Money
  • Bulk distilled spirits. This term has been stricken from the 1986 Tax code and replaced with the term “Distilled Spirits on which” each place “bulk” appears. Weird? yeah.. But it is what it is LOL.

I am very happy to announce that prior to my move from Farmington, MO to Chesterfield, MO I voted for one of the Congressman that have cosponsored HB- 747 Jason Smith MO -08 (R) @RepJasonSmith. If you’re from the SHOW-ME (or you’re not who cares they all need love right) tweet him out a big THANK YOU!

Now on to bigger issues. SB 236 Same problem. I’m not going to retype the entire bill. We now just have to get it through the Senate. Sound familiar– Healthcare reform anyone?
So we have 46 players on board and that includes the 2 key players that introduced it into the SENATE 1 of which WAS REP’N THE SHOW-ME Mr. Roy Blunt.

Now, I will admit I don’t normally talk politics because it usually lends itself to a whole mirage of problems so I won’t say how I lean on issues, however I will say that MO has led the way in this tax reform initiative when it comes to Craft Beer and I, myself could not be prouder of my constituents no matter how well they’ve handled other situations.

Here’s where we as Americans are failing. We have a responsibility to these brewers, wine makers, distillers, restaurant owners and everyone else that will be effected by these tax laws should we not make the change while we can. With over 5,000 reported breweries in the US in 2016 or roughly 1 brewery for every 65,000 persons, why would you not reach out and make contact? Ask them “What’s the hold up Joe?” [aka your constituent or Joe may actually be his name…] Here is a map with a list of who in your state has ALREADY supported the bill. From the HOUSE & the SENATE. If you DO NOT see your GUY or GAL on there get on social and ask them questions, send them emails. I sent both Roy and Jason an email (not complicated). Listen, we have a responsibility to keep jobs here that depend on keeping the taxes low which is what I stressed to Jason. Helping our “Crafty Brewers” grow throughout not just MO, but the entire usa
We are a Republic. Founded on principles that allow us to make these changes when WE see fit as a  unified group. To come together and share a voice. Together we cannot be silenced. What’s the worst possible scenario? You have to pick up the phone and call someone and voice your concern over SB 236 ? 
If that is the absolute worst thing that happens to you all week then I think you are pretty blessed.
Thanks for taking the time to read about what weighs heavy on my mind. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment in the section below. Tell me any ways that you can think of that we can rally to get everyone on board faster? Anything at all that I may not be thinking of. Thanks again for your support.
IG: heidyrocks79

Small Shout out to these two local brewers at  @RecessBrewing for the best #Grapefruit beer I have had all summer thus far! Knock out fellas 😉 you guys went above and beyond at the STL Heritage Festival thanks for the great conversation. -H

#AlrightAlright was mighty fine!


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