Why the #IBUNINJA HashTag? Not Just International Bitterness Units. White Ninjas and Cool Kids Also Apply Here.

So there are a couple of things that I want to clarify about the #ibuninja Hashtag and how it came about with a Ninja and a great kiddo.

For those of you unfamiliar with what IBU actually stands for, dare I insult anyones intelligence, but there may be just one person reading that may be new to the Craft Beer world. An IBU stands for International Bitterness Unit.

According to The Brew Enthusiast an IBU is “an empirical measurement, measured in parts-per-million (ppm) of isohumulone (which is the main chemical compound derived from hops that makes your beer taste bitter) in a given volume of beer. Isohumulone is created when the alpha acids in hops isomerize (basically dissolve or breakdown) in the boil. That’s it. That’s literally what an IBU is.”

My stepson Logan who’s now 13 used to carry around a white ninja like Linus from the famous Charlie Brown we all have grown up with.  As you may know the white Ninja or Storm Shadow was the “good” Ninja.



Logan and his white ninja we’re quite the story in our household. Logan carried that white ninja around with him everywhere as I said so you can guess the white ninja got very dirty when Logan got dirty. The white ninja took a bath when Logan took a bath. The white ninja went swimming when Logan went swimming. The white ninja pretty much did everything Logan did including watching cartoons, going to the river and so on. Somehow in the midst of all of this he lost one of his feet and I got blamed for that! Even though the white ninja lost said foot via Logan’s mouth.

Yes, you heard that right. Just like the beloved Linus sucked his thumb, my Logan chewed on his white Ninja’s foot until it was gone. Now, if you asked Logan even to this day [current age 13] and mind you this was from age I will say age 5 to 8. Logan would tell you that I was solely responsible for not only losing the two swords that Storm Shadow came with but also chewing off his foot. Go ahead – laugh it up.

This will never cease to amaze me till the day I die.

So being a “good” Ninja and Craft Beer being “good” for all intents and purposes were a name association thing that back in 2014 when I started the Blog and was seeking a Hashtag that had some sort of meaning to me AND CRAFT BEER I thought would have a sort of symbolic meaning that would carry on this 5 year old greatness forever. We all love beer. Well, I would hope anyway if you’re reading this or at least you’re entertained by the notion that you like beer or you’re getting into one or more of the aspects of Craft Beer.

As blogger Hashtags are a way to distinguish oneself from the masses. As sprout defines it “Whenever a user adds a hashtag to their post, it’s able to be indexed by the social network and becomes searchable/discoverable by other users. Once someone clicks on that hashtag, they’ll be brought to a page that aggregates all of the posts with the same hashtags, in real-time.”

All that being said my inspiration for the #ibuninja Hashtag was a small boy who traipsed around for many years packing a good ninja that I was ultimately responsible for the loss of many [including body] parts of…

And to that I will drink to ;0  2015-02-23 17.27.47


Taxing Your Alcohol. From 1986 to Passing Senate Bill 236 and What YOU Can Do About It.


Up for Debate First HB 747

In the original CBMTRA or Craft Beverage Modernization & Tax Reform Act that initially started in the House of Representatives with HB- 747

The Bill was a 3 fold bill but for me of course, I love beer the mostest, so I choose to focus on what it can do for me [no need in telling me how self-absorbed that sounds] and my tribe. I will however touch on the other 2 thing because as a whole I believe that there is a correlation to the second especially when it comes to WOMEN in the Craft Beer segment as noted here “Cross-Drinking” Women which we will cover another time. For now let’s stick to CBMTRA.
Initially presented JANUARY 30, 2017 to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Tax Reform. (I know TAXES BLAH)

In the Craft Beer Industry it Would..

  • Reduced rate of excise tax on beer. Think grand scale. Less taxes to brewers, less taxes get passed on to you–buyer [drinker].  smilingwaitressgroupbeer
  • Use of wholesome products suitable for human food consumption [do I need to point out the obvious in this statement] in
    the production of fermented beverages. I am no brain surgeon here BUT going out on a limb, why wouldn’t you want this in writing backing your ass up?
  • Simplification of rules regarding records, statements, and returns. Alright let’s cut to the chase. This is a <IRS REVISION OF STATUTE> do I need to say more?
  • Transfer of beer between bonded facilities. Have you ever talked to a brewer? If  not you should at least once. They will tell you that they love to collaborate with other guys just like them. How cool is it going to be when they can do this [legally hahaha my bad]. This takes all of the worry off the table and these guys can just be who THEY ARE; these crazy, talented and super cool group of story filled dudes that have found a passion that TASTES GOOD that they can share with the WORLD! How freaking awesome is that?
    In the Wine Industry it Would..
  •  Transfer of wine between bonded facilities. Same principal here as with the brewers. Wine makers are in a class all their own.
  • Adjustment of alcohol content level for application of excise tax rates. This would be huge
  • Definition of mead and low alcohol by volume wine. I’ll be honest I really didn’t  research this much if anyone would like to weigh in on it I’d like to learn?

In the Distillery Business it Would..   

  • Reduced rate of excise tax on certain distilled spirits. The taxes on these are BIG MONEY!! This will have a significant impact especially on companies that are NOT foreign that can all be combined under one tax ID. Money
  • Bulk distilled spirits. This term has been stricken from the 1986 Tax code and replaced with the term “Distilled Spirits on which” each place “bulk” appears. Weird? yeah.. But it is what it is LOL.

I am very happy to announce that prior to my move from Farmington, MO to Chesterfield, MO I voted for one of the Congressman that have cosponsored HB- 747 Jason Smith MO -08 (R) @RepJasonSmith. If you’re from the SHOW-ME (or you’re not who cares they all need love right) tweet him out a big THANK YOU!

Now on to bigger issues. SB 236 Same problem. I’m not going to retype the entire bill. We now just have to get it through the Senate. Sound familiar– Healthcare reform anyone?
So we have 46 players on board and that includes the 2 key players that introduced it into the SENATE 1 of which WAS REP’N THE SHOW-ME Mr. Roy Blunt.

Now, I will admit I don’t normally talk politics because it usually lends itself to a whole mirage of problems so I won’t say how I lean on issues, however I will say that MO has led the way in this tax reform initiative when it comes to Craft Beer and I, myself could not be prouder of my constituents no matter how well they’ve handled other situations.

Here’s where we as Americans are failing. We have a responsibility to these brewers, wine makers, distillers, restaurant owners and everyone else that will be effected by these tax laws should we not make the change while we can. With over 5,000 reported breweries in the US in 2016 or roughly 1 brewery for every 65,000 persons, why would you not reach out and make contact? Ask them “What’s the hold up Joe?” [aka your constituent or Joe may actually be his name…] Here is a map with a list of who in your state has ALREADY supported the bill. From the HOUSE & the SENATE. If you DO NOT see your GUY or GAL on there get on social and ask them questions, send them emails. I sent both Roy and Jason an email (not complicated). Listen, we have a responsibility to keep jobs here that depend on keeping the taxes low which is what I stressed to Jason. Helping our “Crafty Brewers” grow throughout not just MO, but the entire usa
We are a Republic. Founded on principles that allow us to make these changes when WE see fit as a  unified group. To come together and share a voice. Together we cannot be silenced. What’s the worst possible scenario? You have to pick up the phone and call someone and voice your concern over SB 236 ? 
If that is the absolute worst thing that happens to you all week then I think you are pretty blessed.
Thanks for taking the time to read about what weighs heavy on my mind. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment in the section below. Tell me any ways that you can think of that we can rally to get everyone on board faster? Anything at all that I may not be thinking of. Thanks again for your support.
IG: heidyrocks79

Small Shout out to these two local brewers at  @RecessBrewing for the best #Grapefruit beer I have had all summer thus far! Knock out fellas 😉 you guys went above and beyond at the STL Heritage Festival thanks for the great conversation. -H

#AlrightAlright was mighty fine!


307 N Main St
Edwardsville, IL 62025
(618) 692-5101



It’s The World Beer Cup Year. The “Olympics” of Beer!


“Traditional beer styles are not only celebrated in their native lands, but are now being shared, brewed and enjoyed worldwide. Consumers are discovering and enjoying a wider variety of both traditional and new beer styles, some brewed close to home and others brewed on the other side of the world. The number of new styles and style interpretations appears to be limited only by the creativity of the world’s brewing community.” – 

 Since before I even graduated High School, albeit I was having my fair share of beer at the time [please don’t tell my grandma], this grandiose beer competition was taking place for the first time in 1996. 146 Breweries competed that year some of which I was partaking, as an idiot teenager on some back road with my buddies, like most of us did—admit it. Budweiser, once Anheuser-Busch Inc. (now Ab Inbev) received Bronze that year for their American-Style Premium Lager in its famous red and white can surprise surprise. Who knew? Wait Spuds Mackenzie.. he knew right! Another winner from back in the day was New Belgium Brewery, CO. They were making it good even back in 96’. They had a couple different categories they won; Silver for their Abbey Belgian Style Ale as well as Silver for their Fat Tire Amber Ale. Way to go guys! I am a fan no doubt. That takes us all the way to 2016 and Boulevard Brewing Co, from my home state Missouri [Go KC] winning GOLD for their Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale “The Sixth Glass.” I reached out to the brewery to find out the story behind the name “The Sixth Glass” [I mean I wanted to know about #1-5 and what kind of CONVERSATION WAS TAKING PLACE because I’ve been there…] however I was never contacted back.


Standards for Awards in the Beer Competitions

Gold: A world class beer that accurately exemplifies the specified style, displaying the proper balance of taste, aroma and appearance.

Silver: An excellent beer that may vary slightly from style parameters while maintaining close adherence to the style and displaying excellent taste, aroma, and appearance.

Bronze: A fine example of the style that may vary slightly from style parameters and/or have minor defects in taste, aroma, or appearance.

 Craft beer cup blog.jpg

 Photos © Brewers Association

This competition is the most prestigious competition on the world for brewing beer. If you get to brew, participate, are selected to attend the event (i.e. are able to purchase tickets for ½ of the events floor because that’s usually all you can get access to from what I gather at most of the events) or lastly if you are just an average Joe (Miss Joe in my case) that loves to partake in the finished product of a Gold winner such as in the case of Boulevards Belgian Ale. You’ll find that this “Olympics of Beer” is a #ibuninja, IAU, and IFU aficionado’s wildest dream. A literal orgasm of Craft Beer. Who doesn’t need that at least every two years?

You would do well to invest time and money in your local breweries. Not only do they put money back into YOUR local economy (DUH), they put their heart into what they do..providing you with top notch product. Beverages that win awards like Bronze, Silver & Gold! 




8 Beer Categories of the 2017 World Beer Championship


It is that time again. Hooray! Every year brings a chance for a new relationship with beer. It’s like a torrid love affair that never goes out of style.  As a woman who loves beer I want to take some time to explain a few thing about the World Beer Championships, the beer involved in January [their flavor/potential pairings so forth] and give you a bit of background information on how the Championship itself is ran by Having all of this information will, I believe make you one of the smarter women in the room [sorry fellas] or at best give you something to talk about on a bad Tinder date to get you through the meal.

  January’s 8 Great

1.      The Pilsner: Origin the Pilsner started in the Czech Republic. A good place to hunt these down in St. Louis would be at The Civil Life Brewing…

View original post 855 more words

8 Beer Categories of the 2017 World Beer Championship

It is that time again. Hooray! Every year brings a chance for a new relationship with beer. It’s like a torrid love affair that never goes out of style.  As a woman who loves beer I want to take some time to explain a few thing about the World Beer Championships, the beer involved in January [their flavor/potential pairings so forth] and give you a bit of background information on how the Championship itself is ran by Having all of this information will, I believe make you one of the smarter women in the room [sorry fellas] or at best give you something to talk about on a bad Tinder date to get you through the meal.

  January’s 8 Great

1.      The Pilsner: Origin the Pilsner started in the Czech Republic. A good place to hunt these down in St. Louis would be at The Civil Life Brewing Company, Square one Brewery and Distillery, Schlafly Brewery [without a doubt a personal favorite so far but it is the only one that the Brew master has personally given me the tour as well] & Morgan Street Brewery all make the top Pilsners in the St. Louis.

2.      Pale Lager: Ferguson Brewing Company [tried & recommend the food as well for a date ladies], Morgan Street Brewery, The Bridge Tap House [named the “most romantic beer place in town”]. After doing further research we have many top named Pale Lagers in St. Louis. However, one that I hope to get in the near future is Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers from Framingham, Massachusetts & their showcase Pale Lager “Hoponius Union.” I feel the great women LOL [I mean people] of St. Louis deserve what one even stated… “If I were stranded on a desert island this is the only beer I’d take.” Dang go girl!

3.      Amber Lager: Amber Lagers are not as light as your Pale Lager and can vary on the bitterness. Typically carrying a toasty or caramel-like malt facet. [Hint ladies order this if planning on a grilled plate w/ veg OR just cheese]. Morgan Street Brewery or the The Bridge Tap House.

4.      Munich-Helles: Helles is the German word for “Pale” although it is dark in color, strange those Germans, it has a bit of hops and a touch of sweetness. You’d be best suited to find this beer at Square One Brewery and Distillery or the  The Bridge Tap House.

5.      Dortmunder: A golden lager, light & crisp, this beer can be found at The Flying Saucer St. Louis and is brewed by Two Brothers Brewing Company in Warrenville, IL.

6.      Maibock: With March 20th being National “Bock Beer Day” we should be sure and celebrate this magnificent beer. Maibock <pronounced …> was brewed in the winter and was to be released around May. “Bocks” are traditionally brewed and stored over the winter months while it is cold and released when it starts to get a bit warmer. We, unlike our German counterparts go a little on the light side when it comes to our bocks and so is stands to reason, why we still have such a high crime rate [humor me]. Maibocks are typically a golden color. Often you can taste a spicy finish from the type of hops used to make the Maibock or even a hint of honey and caramel. Urban Chestnut, in the heart of St. Louis has hosted a Maifest for multiple years now. Bringing in the new seasonal Bocks like they should be, with glee 😉

7.      Kellerbier: Brewed Munich-Style, this is an unfiltered Helles. If you like a malt taste this would be a good one. It is smooth with a hoppy finish. You can find this in St. Louis at Square One Brewery.

8.      Zwickelbier: An unfiltered, unpasteurized beer this lager pronounced ‘zv-ick-el’ is packed full of VITAMINS ladies! Yes, you heard me right. If you are looking for an energy boost along with your happy hour you may want to check this baby out. This gem can be found in St. Louis at Urban Chestnut Brewing  Company and is undoubtedly one of their most popular brews.


The Championships


Who doesn’t want to be the best? We all wanted the crown, the ribbons, and the buttons for being “THE BEST” at whatever we were trying to do. This is precisely what these brewers work day in and day out to master. The art of the perfect brew. is a review and marketing service that uses a 100 point quality rating scale developed by the Beverage Testing Institute. Founded in 1994 and open to all commercially produced beers, regardless of US distribution, it is the oldest Intl’ beer competition in the world. How’s that for taking home a medal to mom?

                                Ground rules:

·         No more than 35 beers a day by the judges on premises, all certified by BTI.

·         Beers are all consistent not varying much in recipe unlike different vintages of wine

·         Often multiple panel testing takes place if beer places in different bands of quality

You might be thinking; what does all this mean to me, I’m not a brew master? Oh darling I am most certainly not either. What it means to people like you and I is that holds these championships annually in order to benefit consumers LIKE you and I. To make us aware of all of the facets of great beer Hooray :0 Each month gets a new batch from brewers to judge. How exciting to see everyone’s results this year. Click HERE to see the types of beers, submission deadlines, fees & more. Good luck in finding a great beer in 2017. Follow me on Twitter @yiddyme and be sure to send me information about your beer. If you brew it or help brew it I’d love to hear about your newest revelation! Cheers, Heidy

            From the Desk of the Brew Master



It’s Not Just Millennials Doing it, the Craft Beer (Beard) “Thing” is REAL.

Craft Beer Drinking-- BEARDER

Suited Bearded Guy

Shimmy Up to the Bar

Have you ever came into a bar, restaurant with a nice selection of beer(s) on tap or a brewery and been inundated with that group? You know the one. The three or four bearded gentlemen (well two of them may hold this title actually) at the bar being beer aficionados? If not you’re lucky my friend OR you don’t drink much beer! Now I’m not condemning these fabulous feats of fur. As I am sure that they take time, patience, and much love to grow. I will say that as a woman, displacing all that furry manliness in a confined place (i.e. a bar) then on top of that trying to be the all-in-one go to beer guru gives a whole new meaning to the term snubbery. Which might be why I found so many articles on the snobbery of “Millennials, Craft Beer & Beards” but I’ll be the first to argue that it’s not just wanna be Hipsters/Millennials that have this love (or fascination) it’s a subculture spread across many ages. Unfortunately, for me (and many woman like me) that can leave us meandering up to the bar and dealing with an episode of Ax Men for years to come whether we like it or not which leads me to my next point.

  Hipster Beards Turning Women on Still Happens When you’re a Gentleman

So if I am correct then is it in that order? What would make them a Hipster? What defines a hipster? One of my favorite journals, Elephant Journal said that being a Hipster meant “being an artist, entrepreneur, they can’t be classified, damn it: they’re oddballs.” I love reading most anything Waylon writes. This is what a Hipster is so one thing I had to take into consideration when trying to figure all this out was how often I saw all of these guys checking their SM. Were these the Instagram guys? Were they the ones checking into UnTapped to brag on that new Imperial Stout? If so then maybe these beards might be for a sort of vanity-bragging rights feature? “Look here bro I’m having the newest brew” #Hashtag #Yousuck #MyBeardsBetter kind of thing? Studies have shown that millennials have more social media accounts as well as expressing themselves with growing beards. One thing to note about a well maintained beard, is that it makes a long wait in that line getting to the bartender at your favorite brewery interesting if *as stated earlier* said Ax  Men are actually gentlemen…

  Not your Average Brew-ber


I knew these places existed and I really think that where I live [south of STL] someone should open one or maybe they should franchise. Nonetheless, Rock’s Bar and Hair Shop in Durham NC caters to the precise people I am talking about! The four guys at the bar… they probably came from here before I met them at the brewery. More than likely they had a hot trim while they chose from 1 of the 80 Craft Beers. WTH?!! If this doesn’t go to solidify my point, moreover concrete it in… then you may be oblivious to the beard-Craft-Beer-anomaly. This place is fantastic. You know, I am a sucker for anywhere that will give a man a clean shave [HUGE FAN OF THAT!] & has great beer 😉 Congrats you’ve won me over and I have no facial hair!

  Beards are Staying & the Beer is Only Getting BETTER♥ 


If Chris Pine , your tried and true definition of a “Millennial”, can sport this hot ass beard [keep in mind I’m not a super fan unless they’re super trimmed–I have massive standards o_o] at the Golden Globes just a last week and could have everyone in awe drooling. Then I will have to go with the fact that they, the BEARDS, will NOT be going anywhere as earlier mentioned.

Dare I say my prediction, that as we have let one genre of men bring such subtleties as selfies at the bar with the #Bearded usher in a new era of normal, I think together as a collective whole that the Craft beer industry will be better off. These men seem to bring something individualistic to the table. That IS what the “Craft” part of Craft beer is about. Standing out from the crowd is why the beard is grown. Standing out from the crowd in the “Craft beer industry” is why James Ottolini let me try all of his different beer barrels the night he was leaving for Florida at his going away party at Schlafly Brewery then let me annoy him with all of MY tons of crazy questions about beer. To be UNIQUE; because that’s what brewers do. Beard or no beard.

20150116_191331  January 16, 2015


Did I ever think I’d be typing that? No not really LOL but after checking it out they have some clout now. It takes a troubadour to get a rating like this from  Way to go! Someone better get back to me on all I’m reading about this “actual beard juice” stuff? eh… I love beer,  cycling/exercise and more importantly giving back to the community. Some amazing stuff you’re doing. Hats off. If this is the type of #Bearded at the bar I can handle this ♥ 

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Craft beer industry has been changed in any way by beards? Or Vice Versa? Would love to hear from you.

Is Your Fav BEER Loaded with GMO’s Like My Waist?

How many times have we gone on a fad diet? I know I frequently battle my waist line like it’s my own Roman army. That being said, when I walk by a donut I think to myself “hmm I sure would like to eat that but damn that’s an extra mf 30 mins on the elliptical in the morning screw that!” and keep walking… 

Well, what about our beer choices? Do you actually know what you’re putting in your body? Obviously, if you’ve read anything I’ve written thus far, you know I have a 💖 for BEER. It tends to be my favorite. So after some checking, guess what–GMO’S THEY’RE NOT GOOD. If you prefer to put them in your body. More power to ya, but my public service announcement has been published✔

They’re are many more options that ARE GMO FREE 💯 

If you’re interested, take a second to check out this article I found via 

Info about Genetically Modified Foods  GMO’S

As always Drink Responsibly and happy #Throwback ✌ Heidy 

Here are the 8 beers that are commonly found in bars in United States that you should stop drinking immediately.

Many of us choose what we eat very carefully, or at least dedicate our minimum attention to it. But when it comes to drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, we do little to make the best decisions for our health. Which is a HUGE mistake. All the work for your body can be ruined in a weekend out. While foods and non alcoholic beverages are required to list their ingredients and are monitored by the FDA, beer does not belong in either. Alcohol industry had lobbied for years to avoid labeling its ingredients. Some to protect its recipes, but most – to hide harmful ingredients.

Here’s some harmful ingredients that are commonly found in beer:

  • GMO Corn Syrup
  • GMO Corn
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Fish Bladder
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Natural Flavors
  • GMO Sugars
  • Caramel Coloring
  • Insect-Based Dyes
  • Carrageenan
  • BPA
  • & lots more!

1. Newcastle Brown Ale

The Newcastle beer has been found to contain caramel coloring. Class 3 and 4 caramel coloring is made from ammonia, which is classified as a carcinogen. While alcohol is a carcinogen itself, drinking it in moderation may decrease your chances at developing cancer. However, more added carcinogens will have the opposite effect. “The one and only” beer with extra cancer causing qualities.

2. Budweiser

One of the most popular beers, or most advertised is Budweiser. Budweiser contains genetically modified (GMO) corn. In 2007, Greenpeace discovered experimental GMO rice in Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) beer.

3. Corona Extra

I used to love Corona’s commercials. They were so peaceful and relaxing. That is until I found out that the beer contains GMO Corn Syrup and Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is controversial, and is said to may be potentially harmful to your health.

4. Miller Lite

This is another very popular beer in America that contains GMOs. Miller Lite contains GMO corn and corn syrup. It’s “GMO time”.

5. Michelob Ultra

Less popular but still readily available Michelob beer, should be eliminated from your choices. This beer has been found to contain a genetically modified sweetener (GMO dextrose).

6. Guinness

Guinness is often praised for it’s smoothness.  However, several investigations proved that Guinness ingredients are quite disturbing. The beer contains isinglass, an ingredient which comes from fish bladder and high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup has been long banned from many stores and drinks.

Update: Good news! We’ve contacted Guinness and they have stated that they no longer use high fructose corn syrup in any of their beers.

7. Coors Light

Coors light is a drink that is very popular at bars and among college students.  Mostly because its cheap. The beer contains GMO corn syrup.

8. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon contains GMO corn and GMO corn syrup.

Healthy Beer Alternatives

So when it comes to beer you have to be very careful. Your best option is to find a microbrewery that you can trust. As with everything, try to avoid cheap, low-quality products. Bars may offer Coors Light, Miller Lite or Budweiser specials, but they are cheap for a reason. The rest of the world is banning GMOs everywhere, while USA is lagging years behind, and only several states offer GMO labeling laws. Try to stay away from any American beers. Choose organic beer. Beers that contain 100% organic labels, have to have ingredients that are all 100% organic. While an “organic” label just means 95% of it will be organic.  European beer is most likely to be safe from GMO ingredients but unfortunately, most other beer contains GMO artificial ingredients, stabilizers, grains and preservatives, plus, HFCS.

GMO Free Beers:

Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered) 

  • Wolaver’s – all beers
  • Lamar Street – Whole Foods label (brewed by Goose Island)
  • Bison – all beers
  • Dogfish Head (organic when ingredients available)
  • Fish Brewery Company – Fish Tale Ales
  • Lakefront Brewery – Organic ESB
  • Brooklyn – (organic when ingredients are available)
  • Pinkus – all beers
  • Samuel Smiths – Samuel Smiths Organic Ale
  • Wychwood – Scarecrow Ale

Non-Organic Beers (Unpasteurized & Unfiltered)

  • Sierra Nevada – all choices
  • Duck Rabbit – Brown Ale, Porter, Amber Ale, Milk Stout
  • Dogfish Head- 60 Minute IPA, Shelter Pale Ale, Chicory Stout
  • Shipyard – Summer Brew
  • Victory Brewery – Whirlwind
  • North Coast – Blue Star
  • Bridgeport – IPA (Bottle conditioned)
  • Ayinger – all choices
  • Royal Oak – Pale Ale
  • Fraziskaner – Hefeweisse and Dunkel Weisse
  • Weihenstephaner – Hefe Weissbier
  • Maisel’s – Weisse
  • Hoegaarden – Belgian Wit


  • Heineken
  • Steamwhistle
  • Amstel Light
  • Duchy Original Ale Organic
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Fuller’s Organic
  • Nelson Organic Ale
  • Natureland Organic

Share This with Fellow Beer Drinkers

It’s important to expose companies that use harmful ingredients in our products. This information is hidden from the public with millions of dollars of false advertising, laws, etc. You can always vote with your money. As this information about GMO beers spreads, we will see a decrease in production of these beers and the companies may eliminate the harmful ingredients altogether. Most importantly, when you hang out with your friends, you will be able to share beer that’s more delicious and healthier.

If you have any additional information about GMO or non-gmo beers, or want to correct some of the information, simply e-mail us or leave a comment with evidence bellow.



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Article published originally 8/2015 any changes contact original publisher. (Reprint 8/2016)

Do These Guys Think They Control the Worlds Beer…?

Have we really relinquished so much of the market that numbers (co’s) 1-5 believe that the small to medium or even large scale (co’s) for that matter, don’t matter? 

I can tell you now my dream job is like the Superwoman of the Craftbeer industry but with a twist- Insurance agent- 4 months a year (in the fall) and then International Craft Beer taster and blogger/tutorial the other 8 months…- Oh, the goals I’ve set. However, I don’t have 107 billion$ so I won’t be taking over a market near you any time soon. 

If I were you, and I am not, I would do a bit of research on the brand you choose to spend your hard earned money on. It may sound silly but some companies are very WASTEFUL. Some could care less about giving back to the community? Maybe you DO or you DON’T  care about these things. It is a matter of personal preference. We are talking about billions of dollars they make already. I hope if you happen to like a brand and stand behind it that you take the articles advice and do some research and “know” your brand. Knowledge IS POWER. 

Thanks for reading. As always Drink Responsibly ✌Heidy 

The world’s two largest beer companies – AB InBev and SAB Miller – are merging into one massive megabrewer. The deal, which is worth a hefty $107 billion, is expected to close by October 2016.

When it is all said and done, the merged company will have a brand portfolio that will be the envy of the industry: Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Pilsner Urquell, Foster’s, Shock Top, Elysian, and Beck’s are just some of the flagship brands involved.

That will be after likely divesting several key brands such as Blue Moon and the entire Miller line of beers to appease antitrust regulators.


As we said previously when we posted the infographic showing the illusion of choice in consumer brands, we believe it is important for you to be aware of who is supplying the different brands and goods served at your dinner table.

Each dollar you spend is a vote – make sure it goes to a product and company that you believe in

Kona Brewing Ditching the Carbon Footprint 

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the waste that goes into making a great beer? You may not think about all of the by-product that necessarily goes into the manufacturing if you will but there really is quite a bit I have come to learn. Even what goes out to “the pigs” in fact if you ask this particular brewery. 

According to what I have recently found, by taste buds then a little digging of course, Kona Brewery has all this down like clockwork. This father son duo have expanded to what has become a multi-million dollar Craft beer business with no sign of slowing down in sight. Furthermore,  they’ve done all this without leaving a big fat CARBON FOOTPRINT like so many of us INCLUDING ME tend to do everyday! Impressive fellas ✌
Here’s their story: 

Energy Conservation

Kona Brewing Company is engaged in energy saving systems and choices, from sophisticated equipment, to simple behaviors such as turning off unnecessary lights. At Kailua-Kona, a roof-mounted, grid-tied photovoltaic system produces an average of 645 KWh of electricity each day, allowing us to offset nearly 50% of the brewery’s electricity needs. It is estimated that over the lifetime of the solar system, it will prevent approximately 16,830 barrels of oil from being shipped to the island.
Within the brewing process, heat exchangers are used to recapture the thermal energy produced by brewing.  Natural lighting is provided in the brewery through solar tubes rather than using wasteful electricity. Outdoor lighting has been replaced as well with more efficient LED and CFL lights.
 Resource Protection

Water conservation practices are a tenant of brewing for Kona Brewing Company. We collect both rainwater (using repurposed whiskey barrels) and excess condensation from our air-conditioning. This collected water is used for irrigation and on-site gardens, allowing the Kona Pub to recycle 53,000 gallons of water a year. In addition, the re-captured water offsets nearly 9% of brewing water needs.
In 2010, Kona made its bottles 11% lighter, which eliminates annually 3,375 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to taking 638 cars off the road. In brewing, we use local Hawaiian ingredients, including Kona coffee, ginger, lemongrass, and cacao nibs.
An integral component of Kona Brewing Company’s business plan is to grow the business with ecological integrity, reducing the company’s carbon footprint whenever possible. By producing its bottled beer and mainland draft beer on the mainland, close to markets, Kona Brewing Company has dramatically reduced its reliance upon transportation fuel for raw materials, packaging and distribution. In addition, this practice allows fans in all of our markets to receive the freshest, most sustainable beer possible.
Waste Minimization

As a company we aggressively recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, glass, metal, and electronics. Whenever possible, we use products and services that can be sourced locally and are non-hazardous, reusable, recyclable, and/or compostable. We strive for zero-waste with all our events, including the annual Kona Brewers Festival which is a completely zero-waste event.
Spent grains, a byproduct from the brewing process, are reused rather than wasted. Most of our spent grains are picked up by local farmers to use as feed for their cattle. The remaining amount is used as an ingredient in the pubs’ pizza and bread dough. Kona Brewing Company also sends all the kitchen scraps to local pig farmers.  In addition, all grease from the pub is recycled through local bio-fuel companies.
When cans were introduced in 2011, we opted to use recyclable plastic six-pack handles, instead of the traditional plastic rings that have had negative impacts on waterways and wildlife.
Kona Brewing Company used reclaimed and recycled materials to build our facilities. Support beams, doors, and even our main bar are made from reclaimed wood. We also use benches made from recycled milk jugs, tables from old whiskey barrels, and planters made from old kegs.

The Kona Brewpub and Koko Marina Pub have both earned certifications from the Green Restaurant Association. The Kailua-Kona pub is a 4-star level, the highest that can be achieved, and the Koko pub is a 3-star level.  Our two restaurants are the only two restaurants in Hawaii to achieve this prestigious certification. To qualify for this certification a company must recycle & compost at every opportunity, use energy efficient kitchen equipment, purchase products with recycled-content, reduce chemical use, and source local, sustainable food when possible, including sustainably-harvested fish.
 Good Neighbor

Kona is committed to social responsibility and our communities, donating over $250,000 annually in cash and products to local non-profit organizations. We strive to support only like-minded companies who protect our water, oceans, and environment.  For example, the Kona Brewers Fest also raises funds for local environmental, educational, and cultural charities. Other partner organizations include The Surfrider Foundation, Mālama Maunalua, and Blue Planet Foundation.
 Employee Support

Our employees, with guidance from the sustainability committee, most directly influence the success of the company’s overall sustainability efforts. Sustainability training is included as part of orientation for all new employees, informing of our goals, progress, and reinforcing the role that sustainability plays in each employee’s responsibilities. In addition, we give incentives for employees who ride their bike, use public transportation, or walk to work rather than driving.