As a Volunteer Committee Member I work hard to promote all of our events. If you would take a second and share that would be so wonderful. You may not realize what sharing, liking and your support at the event really means to the 100’s of men & women that FOCUS Marine Foundation (FMF.ORG) help each year.


MISSION STATEMENT: “To develop and administer programs for wounded warriors that will assist them in their transition from military to civilian lives.”

FOCUS participants are typically referred from one or more of the following:

  • District Injured Support Coordinators (DISC’s)
  • USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment
  • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society
  • Combat Casualty Visiting Nurses (CCVN’s)
  • Past FOCUS participants
  • The Mission Continues
  • The Renewal Coalition
  • Marines for Life

Once again, thank you in advance for sharing and making our Veterans #1. Hope to see you there! Heidy Ayers Volunteer Committee Member


1 thought on “EVENTS”

  1. St. Charles Paramedic Association has been gracious enough host the event for the 5th consecutive year. I wanted to give a big SHOUT OUT to all those guys and say thank you for all that you do for our #veterans #marines #navy and #STL YOU ROCK!


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