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Welcome to the “Future of Social Drinking Applications”. As Tradition has it, a StartUp goes from an Idea-a business plan-to production-to test-launch. Not YIDDY. We have chosen another path. #leanstartup which enables YIDDY to go far beyond the “traditional” to the “unimaginable” thus bringing our customers the best mobile app available to easily stay “in the know” about the who/what/when and where’s are taking place. Now without having you sign a NDA we really can’t go into much more detail BUT we can tell you this: YIDDY will favor the beer drinker. Most certainly the “Craft Beer Drinker”. It is our goal here to make socializing, beer drinking, and bragging about how great craft beer is…well–you’ll see. Heidy -Carpe Diem! All brewer’s are encouraged to email us for information on how to proceed with placement of pictures within the mobile application. Thanks Heidy.

For questions please contact:

@yiddyme or heidyayers79@gmail.com 

 Thank you. YIDDY aka Heidy for the moment…

“My Confidence in myself is greater than my fear.” –Robert Kiyosaki (The Business of the 21st Century).

craft beer pretty

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